About Our Agency

At SHICS Health Care Solutions we are committed to maximizing the dignity and respect of loved ones and enabling elders to remain in their homes and in their communities as long as medically and socially feasible. SHICS Health Care Solutions facilitates continuum of health care, enhances their quality of life and their autonomy. SHICS Health Care Solutions preserves and supports your family as an integral part of this mission.

Our staff delivers loving, compassionate and gentle care, sensitive to the needs of the client, ensuring family and friends peace of mind knowing that their loved one has someone keeping them safe and comfortable in their own environment. Our care is designed to your care to meet your individual needs with a collaborative home health care program between you, your physician and the caregiver that is designed to ensure comfort and safety at home. We work to personalize and customize our services to ensure the promotion of your convenience and independence.

At SHICS Health Care Solutions our knowledgeable and experienced team of caregivers is dedicated to support potential clients and family members in choosing the best home health care options. Often, the need for private health care is sometimes unexpected or urgent. Whether your need is urgent or planned our dedicated team will work to help you reach your goal of remaining in the comforts of your own home.